The Latino Source For Hollywood

About The Source

THE SOURCE is responding to the needs of forward-thinking studios and networks who recognize that Latinos represent a rapidly growing and increasingly profitable market segment. U.S. Latinos represent 18% and 25% of all Americans and Gen Zs, respectively. Current film, TV, and OTT content does not reflect the demographic changes that their audiences have undergone. Further, the U.S. Latino GDP is growing 28% faster than the broader American economy, and their consumption has been growing 72% faster than the non-Latino rate. This demographic and economic evolution brings a window of opportunity for content providers to plug into untapped audiences who are seeking mirrors.

THE SOURCE is brought to you by the Latino Donor Collaborative (“LDC”). Our talent pool was sourced via the LDC’s comprehensive analysis of summer and fall 2019 mainstream TV/OTT programming, as well as top-grossing box office films, in preparation for the Above-the-Line Latinos in Media report. The database and report will be updated seasonally.

The Latino Donor Collaborative is the objective and analytical entity that defines the opportunities and actionable steps to be taken by American resource allocators as Latinos become the driving force of the economy. To learn more about America’s New Mainstream audience and why Latinos are key to successful growth strategies, download the Above-the-Line Latinos in Media LDC report here.

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